Nepal Travel Restrictions 2023

New travel restrictions may be issued due to the new COVID-19 infections in China and India. We will update you when new travel restrictions are made.

As of 2022-12-24, the government has requested that people wear masks in public places, keep social distance, and take boosters against COVID-19.

Nepal travel restrictions are changing as COVID-19 variants change. The main decision-making body for COVID-19 travel restrictions and management is the Crisis Management Coordination Center (ccmcc). The CCMCCC has recently announced new travel restrictions for tourists going from and to Nepal from various countries.

The government has established the following rule to manage the movement of Nepalis and foreigners visiting Nepal from across the globe without influencing the prevention, control, diagnosis, and treatment of COVID infection.

These are the protocols issued by the government of Nepal.

Protocol for fully vaccinated travelers

Once you are completely vaccinated, you no longer need a negative PCR result to go to Nepal. However, be sure that you provide a full vaccination certificate against COVID. This law applies to all passengers coming from both air and land routes.

Protocol for non-vaccinated travelers

Travelers who are not completely vaccinated against COVID will have to submit the PCR negative result within 72 hours of commencing the trip. Similarly, tourists who have negative PCR test findings are no longer needed to remain in quarantine.

Visa-on-arrival in Nepal

Travelers who are fully vaccinated and those with COVID test negative findings may acquire the on-arrival visa. Passengers have to present all the appropriate paperwork to the airport or land entry point; you may acquire the visa on arrival.

A vaccination card or COVID test will not be necessary for children below the age of 5.

Covid-19 Nepal faq

Do I need to go into quarantine upon landing in Nepal?

Quarantine is not needed upon entering Nepal.

Are COVID-19 tests necessary to go to Nepal?

Unvaccinated visitors to Nepal are needed to provide negative RT-PCR test results, no older than 72 hours.
Fully vaccinated arrivals are exempt.
All arrivals must present evidence of a hotel booking, a CCMC-generated barcode, and travel insurance.

Are the restaurants, bars, and tourism activities open in Nepal?

Restaurants, bars, and tourist activities in Nepal are open.

Do I need to wear a face mask in Nepal?

A face mask is not essential; however, it is safe to wear one in a crowd.

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